LOWS/SZG SALZBURG Airport Ground Handling Services

At Sky Echlipse, we think that a satisfying client experience requires a seamless transfer from the ground to the air. For this reason, we think it is crucial to offer excellent ground services. Our skilled staff is committed to continuously improving the caliber of our end-to-end services, Our goal at LOWS/SZG Salzburg Airport , Austria is to give our cherished clients outstanding service from the time of their arrival until their leave. Our goal is to make sure their ground flights go as smoothly as possible.

Landing permits, traffic permits, ground handling, JetA1 fuel, real-time flight monitoring, catering uplift, weather & Notams, crew hotel, and any other services required by the airline or operator are among our offerings.


Airport Name SALZBURG Airport
Country Austria
UTC +01:00
Airpot of Entry Yes
Open Hours No
Airpot Type Civil
Longest Runway 9022 x 148, 15/33 
Fire Category NA
Customs Avaialable Yes
Fuel Available AVGAS / JET A1
Crew Visa NA
Tower Frequency 118.100 Mhz
Ground Frequency NA
ATIS 133.330 Mhz
Area Approach 132.460 Mhz

LOWS/SZG SALZBURG Landing Permit Required Details

  • Complete Flight Schedule
  • Entry / Exit & ATS Routing
  • Crew Details Plus [ Passport Copies ]
  • Passenger Passport Copy and Pax Manifest
  • Local Receiving Party Contact Details
  • Complete Flight Schedule
  • Entry / Exit & ATS Routing
  • Crew Details Plus [ Passport Copies ]
  • Cargo Manifest & Airway Bill
  • Consignee + Consignor Details
  • Complete Flight Schedule
  • Entry / Exit & ATS Routing
  • Crew Details Plus [ Passport Copies ]
  • If Pax flight - Pax Manifest Required
  • If Cargo flight - Cargo Details + Consignee / Consignor Details Required
  • Complete Flight Schedule
  • Entry / Exit & ATS Routing
  • Crew Details Plus [ Passport Copies ]
  • Patient Details ( Passport Copy )
  • Patient Medical History On Hospital Letter Head
  • Local Receiving Party Contact Details
  • Patient Drop Off ( Hospital Acceptance Letter )

Required Aircraft Documents For Landing Permit at LOWS/SZG SALZBURG Airport

austria Over Flight
  • Air Operating Certificate ( AOC )
  • Certificate of Airworthiness ( COA )
  • Certificate of Insurance ( COI )
  • Certificate of Registration ( COR )
  • Noise Certificate ( CON )
  • Radio License

Note : Please make sure that all documents are valid for the flight schedules.

Additional information or documents with subject to local authorities requirement.

Ground Handling Services we provide at LOWS/SZG SALZBURG Airport

We Provide below ground handling services for all types of aircrafts through authorized ground handling companies at SALZBURG Airport

austria Over Flight
  • Flight Supervision
  • Live Flights Status
  • Landing Permit
  • Airside Transportation ( Crew / Pax )
  • Aircraft Refueling Coordination
  • Flight Catering
  • Crew Hotel Arrangement
  • Crew Transport To/From Hotel
  • Airport Slot Arrangement
  • Live Flight Watch
  • Settlement of CAA/Airport Charges
  • Departure Flight Plan Filling
  • Weather & NOTAM Briefings
  • Real Time Flight Tracking Service
  • Arrival / Departure General Declaration Clearance
  • Security Arrangements (for Pax/Crew & Aircraft )

We have worldwide agreements in place for ground handling, and we have proactive and competent local representatives all around the world. From the time of arrival until the time of departure, our local representatives are always on hand to assist our valued customers with their flights; our team of professionals who handle flight support will keep a close eye on the flights to guarantee the highest caliber of services.