Businessmen Onboarding to private jet with luggage after getting ground handling services from Sky Echlipse

In Sky Echlipse, we understand that excellent, customized ground handling services at a reasonable price are essential to a successful flight, whether it is planned or spontaneous. Ensuring that the aircraft, crew, passengers, and cargo are well taken care of from landing to takeoff is our top responsibility. To give our clients a flawless experience, we offer a wide range of cargo, ramp, passenger, and fuel stop services at numerous international locations.

We are in direct contact with the global Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), and in those nations where the CAA is only authorized to handle permits through local agents, we have a highly skilled local representative team at our disposal to assist our esteemed clients, enabling us to set up landing permits with minimal notice.

Basic Ground Handling Services

Flight Supervision

Refueling Coordination

Flight Catering

Crew Hotel Arrangement

Crew Transport To/From Hotel

Airport Slot Arrangement

Flight Status Overview

Its our regular practice to provide complete flight detail to our client/operator from arrival till departure. We usually provide Flight Status as per below.

Arival Status
Aircraft Is On Final Approach To Land
Our Flight Supervisor Ready
Ramp Team Is Ready To Meet Aircraft Upon Arrival
All Services Arranged
Parking Bay ----------
Fuel Bowser Ready (For Arrival Fueling)
Crew Air Side Trasport Ready
Crew Transport Airpot-Hotel Ready
Landing Time
Chocks On
Door Open
All Passenger Disembarked
Refueling In Progress
Refueling Done
Refueling Finished ----------- Litres
CIQ Cleared By Crew
Crew Left Airport for Hotel
Departure Status
FPL Filed And Confirmed by Local ATC
Crew Left Hotel For Airport
Crew Reported at Airport
CIQ Cleared By Crew
Flight Documents Handover To The Crew
Fuel Bowser Stand by At Parking Bay
Refueling In Progress
Refueling Done
Catering Delivered to The Crew
Pax Arrived At Airport
Pax Cleared By CIQ
All Pax On Board
Door Closed
Ready For Pushback
Push Back @ Z
Off Block @

Our operations center is staffed around-the-clock by 15 capable dispatchers and flight coordinators who work as a cohesive team to satisfy all of your needs.