Flight Dispatch Services, Overflight Permits, Ground Handling

Global Overflight And Landing Permits Arrangement

Our team operate around the clock to ensure that we’re always on hand to assist you with obtaining the permits you require before departure. We’re able to provide overflight and landing permits for everyone from private and commercial operators to cargo, ferry and delivery operations. We’ve made global contacts and connections in places that allow us to obtain permits even in areas considered challenging. To make sure your permissions are obtained in the most time and cost-effective way we request these directly from the relevant Aviation Authority in most locations. In doing so we are able to offer you landing and overflight permits at fixed costs, which means you know what price to expect to see on your invoice, without any unknown additional third party fees or administration charges.

Global Ground Handling Arrangement

With our global network of ground handling agents, Sky Echlipse can provide you with suitable handling services for your aircraft in any airport worldwide. In the majority of locations your aircraft require handling assistance and that's exactly where we come in. With our non-bias approach, you can determine which service provider you wish to use in any given location. If you want to make a decision based on cost and value for money, we can generate a price comparison for you, or if you have a personal preference based on your own experiences we can accommodate that too. The choice is always yours. Whether you're arriving, departing, carrying out a test flight or stopping to uplift fuel, we’ll ensure every aspect of handling is dealt with in the most professional manner, with minimal fuss for you.

Fuel Arrangements JET A1 & AVGAS

We are able to supply JET-A1, the most common type of aircraft fuel, via our network of over 100 different fuel suppliers worldwide. No matter what type of fuel you require, we can help source it at a competitive price including AVGAS, which can often prove difficult to locate. Our aim is to do your fuel shopping for you. Within that service, we compare all prices available at the time, in any given location and present you with the best options. Thanks to our buying power within the market of aviation fuel, you can rest assured that the prices you receive will be competitive and accurate.

Crew Hotel, Transport and Catering Arrangements

From luxury accommodation to standard hotel rooms, our team can assist you and ensure the little details are taken care of from including holding a room to ensure you still get your accommodation at any time you arrive. Whether you need a taxi, executive transport, coach or rail tickets, we’ll ensure you have the necessary onward travel arranged and help you arrive on time for your meeting. It may be that you have a VIP group all in need of hot meals and champagne during their flight, or you are looking for a buffet for your event. Our corporate travel experts ensure your every need can be met.

Business Jet Ready For Efficient, flexible, private executive travel

Business Jet

Efficient, flexible, private executive travel.

Cargo Flight in the Air Space

Cargo Flights

Efficient global freight transport.

Air Ambulance Flights Flying in Air Space

Air Ambulance Flights

Rapid medical air transport.

Aircraft Parked at Parking Slot

Aircraft Parking Slot

Reserved aircraft parking space.

Hotel Room for the Crew Accommodation

Crew Accommodation

Crew lodging facility.

In flight Food Served to Passanger

In flight Catering Services

Onboard culinary services.

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